If an individual is facing persecution in their own country, it is possible for them to gain citizenship through making a Refugee claim. However, you may wonder what requirements you must meet to be considered a refugee, and how to make a successful claim. To help you understand what it means to claim Refugee status in Canada, the Immigration Lawyers at Brace Law have answered their top questions about Refugee Status. Read on to learn more about whether you qualify as a refugee or asylum seeker.

1. Can I seek refugee protection in Canada?

You may seek refugee protection in Canada if you fear persecution or would be in danger if asked to leave Canada. These risks may include torture or risk to life. If you feel you could be in danger of any of these, contact our immigration lawyers at Brace Law.

2. Who is eligible to make a refugee claim in Canada?

To be eligible, you must be in Canada and can’t be subject to a removal order in Canada.

If you want to make a claim from outside of Canada, you may resettle in Canada as a refugee, or immigrate to Canada through an alternative program. For more information on your options, contact our immigration lawyers at Brace Law.

3. Can I resettle in Canada as a refugee?

You can resettle in Canada under a convention refugee status if you meet certain criterion such as being away from your home country with an inability to return due to fear of persecution based on several reasons.

4. Can I appeal a refugee claim?

Yes, you may be able to appeal a refugee claim to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) in certain circumstances. To know if you’re eligible to make an appeal, contact our immigration lawyers at Brace Law.

5. What can I do if my appeal is dismissed?

If your appeal is dismissed, you may be eligible to make an application for judicial review to the Federal Court of Canada. To know if you’re eligible to make an application, contact our immigration lawyers at Brace Law.

If you feel that you meet the requirements to claim Refugee Status, or if you have additional questions, contact the lawyers at Brace Law for assistance. Brace Law is committed to helping you stay safely in Canada, and will work with you to successfully claim your status as a Refugee. For more information on how you can Live, Work, or Study in Canada, visit our Immigration Information page and submit your information. To contact Brace Law directly, call 905-815-6555. When you work with Brace Law, you can Consider It Handled.

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