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We now have two locations, Oakville and Vaughan, to better serve your needs. Our family law lawyer in Oakville is experienced in a variety of family law disputes and matters.

Our trusted team is dedicated to providing quality legal representation for your family law disputes. If children are involved, we always strive to consider the best interest of the children and to reduce conflict. Family law disputes may be an emotional process for every party. At Brace Law, we are sensitive to the personal and emotional nature of such disputes and we will work to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and consideration. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional representation in order to meet their goals. Our family lawyer in Oakville handles all family law matters including legal contracts, divorce and separation to child custody and access arrangements.

Child Related Matters

Whether you are going through a divorce or separation, if there are children involved, the well-being and welfare of the child is of the utmost importance. Disputes between custody, access and child support can be an emotionally taxing process for you and also for your child. At Brace Law, we recognize the importance of maintaining the well-being of your child and will focus on providing you with the best possible solution for you and your child. Click here to learn more about what we offer for child related matters.

Common Law

In Ontario, common law spouses generally have fewer legal rights than married spouses when there is a breakdown in the relationship. The process may be difficult and confusing, so it is important to retain a skilled and educated family lawyer to represent your matter. At Brace Law, we will provide you with the necessary information regarding your common law matter and come to a solution that best protects your rights and interests. Click here to learn more.


When a spousal relationship breaks down, divorce is one of the options available for couples who wish to end their relationship. A divorce is not mandatory, couples may also choose to separate and enter into a separation agreement. In addition to going through the legal process of a divorce, we also are understanding of the emotional turmoil caused by the personal aspect of the process. Click here to learn more about divorces.


If there has been a breakdown in a spousal relationship, a separation is another option instead of divorce. A separation is when you both decide to end the relationship without applying to the court for approval. At Brace Law, we can help guide you through this difficult process and find a solution that best suits your needs. Click here to learn more about separations.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is the money paid by one spouse to another after a separation or divorce. Spousal support obligations arise out of marriages as well as common-law relationships and same-sex relationships. This area of law is complex and may be difficult for you to navigate without legal representation. Our goal at Brace Law is to guide you through the process of your divorce or separation and help you understand your entitlement to, or obligations for spousal support. To learn more about your obligations and entitlement to spousal support, click here.

Domestic Contracts & Negotiations

A domestic contract is an agreement that sets out certain terms in a relationship. There are different kinds of domestic contracts that are recognized under the Family Law Act such as cohabitation agreements and marriage agreements. It is important to obtain legal representation that understands the law surrounding domestic contracts and can explain the legal obligations for a valid domestic contract. At Brace Law, we are committed to helping you understand your legal requirements and the process of negotiating and drafting domestic contracts. Click here to learn more about domestic contracts and negotiations.

If you are looking for representation on a family law matter or are unsure what your next steps are, contact Brace Law at 905-815-6555 today for a consultation with an experienced family lawyer in Oakville.