Canada Extends Post-Graduation Work Permits for up to 18 Months to Retain Highly-Skilled People

Foreign nationals having expired or expiring post-graduation work permits will be eligible to work in Canada for an extended period. During this moment of economic recovery and expansion, employers have enormous difficulties in locating and maintaining the personnel they need. The Respectable Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser stated today that overseas graduates […]

Ontario Colleges Implement New Protection Laws for Foreign Students

The publicly financed institutions in Ontario have established new safeguards for foreign students studying in Canada. The scope of this legislation includes information and marketing, recruiting and training, as well as settlement and post-graduation services. This section will provide a comprehensive discussion of the new regulations. Coverage of the Regulations Last year, there were 807,750 […]

IRCC Extends Policy Allowing Visitors with Valid Job Offers to Obtain Work Permits

Health Care Workers Permit

The policy will remain in effect until February 28, 2025. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) announced a public policy extension that would allow foreign nationals visiting Canada the opportunity to apply for a work permits while in Canada. This policy was first introduced during the covid-era, allowing foreign nationals the opportunity to apply […]

Canada Announces Support for Iranian Temporary Residents

Middle Eastern Iranian Temporary Resident

Several facilitative measures have been announced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in support of Iranian temporary residents, permanent residents, and citizens. Through this proposed public policy, Canada is confirming its commitment to protect Iranians, and vowing to keep families together during this time of uncertainty. As it is understood that Iranians may not […]

Understanding Canadian Immigration Language Requirements

Language Requirements

When considering a move to Canada, whether temporary to study, or permanently to work or reside, Brace Law is dedicated to assisting you with all your Immigration Law matters, including language requirements. Understanding that Immigration procedures can be complex and confusing—and that the consequences of missing information, passed deadlines, or errors in your application are serious […]

Expansion of Eligibility for Temporary Foreign Workers

Temporary Foreign Worker

The Honourable Ministers of Immigration, Tourism and Finance have announced a three phased plan to address the labour shortage challenges faced across Canada, by expanding the eligibility of temporary work permits to family members of the principal applicants. Expanding work permits to the spouses and working-age children of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) will benefit employers […]

Canadian Permanent Resident Increase

Permanent Resident

Recently, the federal government has announced a plan to significantly increase the number of permanent residents invited to Canada each year, while also addressing labour shortages and reuniting families more quickly. This framework is essential to ensure Canada’s future prosperity, as it increases the amount of skilled and experienced workers admitted to Canada; at present time, […]

Canadian Investment in Foreign Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Workers

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, aims to improve the Canadian healthcare system by unveiling a plan to invest $90 million in programs which are intended to help foreign-educated immigrants start working in the healthcare system by recognizing their credentials. Funding will support programs that recognize the international credentials of foreign trained and educated immigrants in the healthcare […]