Doubling Resettlement Spaces for Human Rights Defenders

Doubling Resettlement Spaces for Human Rights Defenders

In a significant move, Canada has taken a major step forward in doubling resettlement spaces for human rights defenders. This expansion allows more HRDs who are facing threats or persecution to find safety and security in Canada. More Opportunities for HRDs By increasing the number of resettlement spaces available, Canada is providing more opportunities for […]

Determine if a Visa is Required

determine if a visa is required

To determine if a visa is required to travel to Canada, there are several factors you should consider. First and foremost, check if your country is exempt from requiring a visa for entry into Canada. Some countries have agreements with Canada that allow their citizens to visit without a visa for a certain period of […]

Canada’s Role in Global Human Rights Protection

human rights

Canada has emerged as a global leader in actively safeguarding human rights, playing an essential role in addressing the challenges faced by individuals around the world. The country collaborates closely with other nations and works tirelessly through diplomatic channels to strengthen human rights protections on an international scale. Addressing Global Human Rights Challenges Canada recognizes […]