Being convicted of a shoplifting crime can have many negative and long-lasting impacts on your life. In many instances, the value of the item(s) stolen does not correspond to the weight of the punishment. The reason being is that even if you are not convicted of a shoplifting charge, your arrest, charge, and fingerprints, still appear as a matter of public record. Consequences and punishments to shoplifting charges can include fines, prison time, damages to your reputation and a criminal record.

Shoplifters are charged under the Criminal Code of Canada in Section 334(b). The value of the stolen property determines the type of charges a shoplifter will face. Penalties for thefts under $5,000 include a maximum fine of $2,000, summary offence charges and up to 6 months in jail. Thefts over $5,000 can receive a maximum fine of $5,000, a summary or indictment offence charges and serve jail time ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

A criminal record can have devastating effects on your future as it will appear on background checks for employment, immigration, housing, financing, and even with customs agents when travelling.

Charges or shoplifting and theft can affect your ability to keep and obtain employment. Once convicted, you may lose your existing job as employers tend to run routine background checks on their employees. Employers may lose trust in you as their employee once the charge is discovered as they may perceive you as a threat who may re-offend and commit a theft from their company.

Shoplifting can also have a negative affect on immigration and citizenship status. In the most extreme cases, shoplifting charges can even lead to deportation.

If you have been caught committing an act of shoplifting and theft, we recommend you retain a lawyer to help minimize the long-term consequences that can impact you. A lawyer will represent your best interests, as well as work to have the penalties reduced for first time offenders.

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