Prior to picking the program you wish to study as well as the school of your choice whether it is a college or university, make sure that the program and learning institution are approved for the Post Graduate Work Permit. The Post Graduate Work Permit is extremely important because it allows you to extend your stay in Canada and it also gives you Canadian experience which will be helpful with your Express Entry.

To be approved for a Post Graduate Work Permit you would have to study for at least 8 months full time. What many students are doing, they are enrolling in Colleges and Universities programs that are 2 years or more. If the program is 2 years or more and its full time, you automatically get a Post Graduate Work Permit for 3 years. If the program is 8 months full time but less than 2 years, then the Post Graduate Work Permit would be the same as the length of your program.

So, if your program is 2 years or more, you automatically are considered for a Post Graduate Work Permit that is for 3 years. Most students opt for this option because the PGWP is an open work permit and it gives you the possibility to work anywhere.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that you would have to study full time. You cannot apply for a PGWP if you are studying part time. If you took a program that was 3 years or 4 years, but it was part time, you would not be eligible.

Also, this is an application process. You would have to apply, and you would have a set time frame in which to do so. The application should be submitted once you have graduated and you have received your transcripts.

One of the benefits of the PGWP, is that you are exposed to the workforce. You can work anywhere you desire but it is recommended that you work at a job that is recognized within the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system as A, B or zero. Working within these categories will come in handy when you apply for your Express Entry.

Unfortunately, it does come as a surprise to many applicants when they’re applying for permanent residency or Express Entry that they don’t have the right Canadian experience because the jobs that they have worked at are not in the proper NOC category; A, B or zero.

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