If you have come to Canada as a temporary worker or international student, you will be happy to learn that the Canadian Government has a new immigration program in the works. This new program will help to fast-track the immigration process for those applying for Permanent Residency from within Canada, helping the country to reach its target goal of accepting 432 000 newcomers in 2022. While full details will not be available until September 2022, here is an early look at what the program will entail.

Fast-Track to Permanent Residence

The new program will be similar, but not identical, to the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence (TR2TP) program that was put in place during the recent pandemic. The TR2TP program helped fast-track applications from those already working or studying in Canada in order to meet immigration targets during the pandemic while borders were closed. Fast-tracking those already in Canada is a valuable move, as studies have shown that those who have a Canadian education or work experience tend to fare better than those coming directly from abroad.

A Permanent Solution 

However, unlike TR2TP, this new program is meant to create a permanent pathway for temporary residents to find their way to acquiring permanent residency. TR2TP was put in place as a temporary solution necessitated by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as border closures prevented immigration from abroad—making it necessary to focus on those already within the country. Despite the program’s success, TR2TP was meant only as a temporary program.

The new program will be designed as a permanent solution, rather than a policy driven by the need to respond urgently in the face of an emergency. It will provide a permanent, clear pathway for Temporary Workers and International Students seeking permanent residency in Canada.

While the program is in early stages, there is a 120-day deadline in place for the program to be completed—meaning those seeking permanent residence should be able to apply to the program in only a few months’ time.

As there are already many pathways to immigrate to Canada, some may wonder if this new pathway is just adding to the confusion. Canadian immigration is complex, and there are several different programs prospective immigrants can apply through. If you are feeling unsure or confused about which programs you qualify for, the Immigration Lawyers at Brace Law can help. Our team has knowledge of the Canadian Immigration system, understands the various immigration tracks, and can help you navigate the application process. Contact Brace Law at 905-815-6555 for a consultation today, and Consider It Handled.

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