Provinces and territories seek skilled workers to immigrate to Canada using the Provincial Nominee Program, otherwise referred to as PNP. This program is designed to attract educated, skilled workers to immigrate directly to a specific province to fill a specific labour need. Within PNP, immigrants can become a permanent resident of Canada using Base and Express Entry program models. Note: Quebec and Nunavut do not participate in the Provincial Nominee Program within Canada.

As this program is designed to attract experienced members of the workforce that will contribute directly to the economy of the province or territory that they are applying to live and work in, this program has been successful at increasing both immigrant populations and driving economies when in need. Often, students, semi-skilled workers and experienced skilled workers are the most desired applicants within the Provincial Nominee Program.  

When completing the Provincial Nominee Program, you can complete a Base program application or an Express Entry program application. Both programs can assist you in becoming a permanent resident of Canada. 

Within the Base program, applicants will apply directly with the province or territory they wish to reside in, using the PNP application process. Upon receipt of the application, the province/territory will confirm that all eligibility requirements have been reached and issue a letter of nomination. From there the application can apply for permanent residency with IRCC, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This application process may take longer due to processing times. 

When applying to the expressed entry program, you have an option of completing your application 2 ways. The first way allows you to apply for nomination directly with the province/territory in which you wish to reside. Once it is confirmed all requirements have been reached, the province/territory will automatically show you as nominated on your Express Entry profile. 

The second application process allows you to create an Express Entry profile to showcase your application to all the provinces and territories you are interested in residing in. Should a province/territory electronically mark your application with a “notification of interest”, you can then apply to reside there directly using the Express Entry stream. 

Once you have been accepted by a province/territory under the Express Entry application for the Provincial Nominee Program, you will automatically receive 600 points towards your permanent residency application status. 

In both program applications, you will be required to pass a medical exam and obtain a police check throughout the process. 

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