Choosing Canada as your next destination to study is a smart investment. Not only will you receive outstanding education, but you will build a wide network that will be beneficial for your future. Canadian education opens international doors as well as it awards amazing opportunities
to individuals in the workplace nationally and internationally. However, studying in Canada, requires a study permit and it is crucial that you understand the process of becoming an international student and attending school in Canada.




Step 1: Choose the right educational institution
Whether you are looking to apply to private school, college or university, it is important to do a
thorough research as to the areas where you want to study. A research of the educational
institutions and the programs they offer will help you identify whether you have found the right
one that fits your expectations. As students, we spend a good percentage of our daily lives in the
educational campuses and so it is important you enjoy the surroundings. Everyone’s preferences
differentiate based on their experiences and desires, but we can assure that with persistence and
good research you will find the educational institutions that fits your needs.
At Brace Law, we have teachers and consultants who are very knowledgeable of the best
educational institutions and who can offer guidance. They also assist with giving information
about the area where your school of choice is located. They will be able to guide you accordingly
and give you more information about the programs of interests as well as campus life in general.

Step 2: Choose the college or university that is approved for Post Graduate Work Permits
The most common mistake that international students make is that because they are so eager to
come to Canada, they do not do a thorough research, or have retained incompetent
representatives who do not think ahead for the benefit of the student in the long run. It is
important that you choose an educational institution that is approved for a post graduate work
permit. For programs that are usually 2 -3 years full time, as an international student, you will be
approved for an open work permit, valid for 3 years. This is extremely beneficial because you
will be able to work on the profession of your choice as well as gain Canadian experience that
will benefit you on your permanent residency application.
At Brace Law, we make sure that prior to you submitting the application to the educational
institution, you are aware of the programs as well as whether or not attending the institution will
allow you the benefit for an open work permit valid for 3 years. We follow your progression and
advise the career category appropriate for your permanent residence application as well.

Step 3: You need a letter of acceptance
After applying to your school of choice, you must receive a letter of acceptance. Usually letters
of acceptance are non conditional or conditional. Without a letter of acceptance from the
educational institution, we cannot initiate a study permit application.
Most educational institutions will also require that you pay a percentage of the tuition fees. You
are required to pay first term or first semester and make sure that there are enough funds to cover
the subsequent semesters or terms.
At Brace Law, we assure you that you will receive the letter of acceptance. If further explanation
or documentation are required for your application, we will make sure to provide all that are
needed so that you can obtain the letter of acceptance.

Step 4: Application for Study Permit
Hold your breath just a little longer. You are almost approved to come to Canada. However, you
will require to have a study permit. The process is very detailed, and you can easily be refused if
you do not pay attention to the required application and supporting documentation.
At Brace Law, we are very careful when submitting study permit applications. We make sure
that our clients do not miss submission of any significant documentation. We are diligent and
efficient when preparing the application. We also provide submissions as to why the application
must be approved.
We are a team of not just lawyers but professional teachers and consultants who can guide you
through the process of obtaining a study permit. Most of our student clients desire to also bring
their spouses and children so we make sure to apply for work permits and visas.
Pursuing your education in Canada is a great investment but retaining Brace Law to guide
and advise you and your family throughout the process is the best decision you will never