A caregiver is responsible for providing basic care and assistance to complete daily tasks for youth and seniors, including individuals with physical and mental challenges. Caregivers are represented by one in every four Canadians, and it has become increasingly popular to hire a foreign worker as a caregiver to Canadian families. 

Presently the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is hosting two pilot programs, the Home Child Care Provider and the Home Support Worker, which allows up to 2750 qualified foreign workers and their family members under each program to apply to become permanent residents. The program also allows current caregivers in Canada with a temporary status the opportunity to apply for permanent residency under these pilot programs. 

Interested applicants must demonstrate that they meet both the eligibility and admissibility requirements. Applicants must be able to prove their educational background, their ability to speak in either English or French, as well as a detailed background of their qualified work experience. Qualifying work experience is proof that you have worked as a full-time childcare provider or home support worker. Family members 18 years of age and older on the caregiver application will also need to pass both a medical test and background check under these pilot programs.

If you are interested in hiring a foreign worker under the Home Child Care Provider and the Home Support Worker pilot programs, the first step you need to complete as an employer is finding a caregiver and providing them with an offer of employment. The offer of employment must be signed by both parties and the employer and caregiver will need to have a clear understanding of whether the position is for a live-in home caregiver, or if they will live separately, outside the home. From there the caregiver can start the application process for both a work permit and permanent residency under the pilot program. Once the work permit is approved, it will allow the applicant to work for any employer as a caregiver for a maximum of 3-years. 

As the Home Child Care Provider and the Home Support Worker pilot programs allow applicants to apply for permanent residency for themselves and their families, once the work permit is approved, the applicant and their family can immigrate to Canada with individual immigration statuses. Other benefits to the pilot program comprise of the fact that employers will not need to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), making the application process simpler, and the notion that applicants can submit one application for both their work permit and permanent residency at the same time.   

This process can be lengthy and take up to one year for foreign applicants to receive an approved status. Book a consultation with Brace Law if you are interested in the Home Child Care Provider and the Home Support Worker pilot programs for further information. Work with Brace Law and Consider It Handled. 

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