High quality education at an affordable cost

Compared to equivalent degrees in other Commonwealth countries or in the US, Canadian degrees, diplomas and certificates are considered to be internationally equal to their counterparts. The opportunities and degree programs in Canada are boundless. Canadians take their education seriously, demonstrated by their universities commitment to campuses and student life. While the quality of education rivals that of the US and UK, the Canadian standard of living is superior, while tuition costs and living costs are significantly lower.

Innovative Universities

Canadian universities have a long history and reputation for high academic performance and high graduate employability rate. University programs across the country are engaged in intriguing experiments and projects based on innovation and forward thinking. This research has led to interesting new theories and distinguished discoveries. Regardless of the institution you decide it, there is no doubt that a Canadian education is world-class.

Safe Community

Universities, as well as individual communities, are committed to the highest standards of safety and health, across Canada. Canada is a friendly and safe country, consistently being ranked in the top 10 by the Global Peace Index (past 7 years). Canadian universities place the safety of their students as a top priority, running various community safety groups, safety walkers at night and providing top mental health aid for students.

Rich Multiculturalism

While studying in Canada will allow students to see a different part of the world and explore different Canadian customs, students will also have the unique opportunity to explore a wide array of different cultures and customs that they might not otherwise have if they study in the US or UK. Canada has had a wonderful history of encouraging multiculturalism and diversity, resulting in an environment where nearly all of the world’s ethnic groups are represented. You are free to be whoever you want to be.

Bilingual Environment

While the education a top notch, Canada is also a bilingual country, which makes studying here an excellent opportunity to develop your French or English language skills.

Diverse Country

An important aspect to remember while studying, especially while abroad, is that there is more to life than just studying and a life outside of campus waiting for you to explore. From the lush coastline of British Columbia, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the prairies and Great Lakes, there is always a part of Canada waiting for you to explore it.

Possibility of Immigrating

After your studies, you may find that you liked Canada more than you expected to and want to stay in the country longer. For applicants who have graduated with a degree and one-year work experience, the “Canadian Experience Class” or the Postgraduate Work Permit makes it easy to do just that.

Career Opportunities

You may find that at the end of your studies, you want to stay in Canada longer. You will finish your program with a new perspective on culture, a great education and a willingness to learn. With a new set of skills that is highly attractive to future employers and a job market always looking for skilled workers, there are always opportunities for students to utilize their unique skill set in a unique work environment.