Foreign nationals having expired or expiring post-graduation work permits will be eligible to work in Canada for an extended period.

During this moment of economic recovery and expansion, employers have enormous difficulties in locating and maintaining the personnel they need.

The Respectable Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser stated today that overseas graduates with an expired or expiring post-graduation work permit (PGWP) will be eligible for an additional or extended work visa to stay longer and get more work experience for up to 18 months. The PGWP Program permits international graduates to get an open work visa to gain useful work experience in Canada.

Beginning on April 6, 2023, these changes will enable Canada to retain high-skilled individuals by allowing PGWP holders who choose to stay longer to opt into a facilitative process to extend their work permit.

Foreign nationals whose PGWP has already expired in 2023, as well as those qualified for the 2022 PGWP facilitative measure, will be able to apply for an additional 18-month work permit. Individuals with expired work permits will be able to reinstate their status, even beyond the 90-day grace period, and will obtain an interim work permit while their new work permit application is being processed.

Bright and talented overseas graduates play a crucial role in alleviating Canada’s labour crisis, and those concluding their PGWP are already fully integrated into the Canadian labour market. The additional work permit will enable qualified applicants to continue contributing to the Canadian economy while obtaining significant job experience and preparing to apply for permanent residency.

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