If you have received a removal order and wish to return to Canada, the Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) may be your ticket back. The type of ARC application you need depends on the type of removal order you have received. It’s important to note that the ARC application is typically submitted along with the main application unless you are from a visa-exempt country.

  1. Departure Order: If you have received a departure order and have left Canada within 30 days, you may not require an ARC and can return through any port of entry. However, if you have not verified your departure, your removal order may be converted into a Deportation Order, which will require you to apply for an ARC to return to Canada.
  2. Deportation Order: If you have received a deportation order and wish to return to Canada before your deportation order expires, you will need to apply for an ARC. It’s important to note that a deportation order is different from a removal order, as it is issued when you do not leave Canada within 30 days of your issued departure order. If you were issued a deportation order due to criminal convictions, you may also need to apply for criminal rehabilitation before applying for ARC. You may require a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) in addition to ARC, and an interview may also be required.
  3. Exclusion Order: If you were issued an exclusion order and left Canada within 12 months since it was issued, and have a certificate of departure, you may not need an ARC. However, if you wish to return before 12 months have passed, you will need to apply for an ARC.

Applying for an ARC requires filling out an application and providing relevant information, including the reasons for the removal order, the length of time of the order issued, reasons for wishing to enter Canada, a declaration of better behaviour in the future, and evidence of your current situation.

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