Maram Algannas

Real Estate Clerk

905-815-6555 x 203

Maram is a real estate clerk. She graduated with a business degree from the University of North Texas in the United States. She started her career working in accounting for a real estate agency, that’s where she saw her passion for real estate and made the move to real estate law. Her focus on real estate law has facilitated deals for individuals, businesses and real estate investors.

She assisted clients with the purchasing their dream homes, helped them with their mortgage needs and selling their properties. She always looks out for her clients’ best interest at heart.

With her experience and expertise in residential and commercial real estate law she will make sure your deals will close on time without any additional expenses.

Maram is very dedicated and compassionate person. She takes everything seriously yet she finds a way to be lighthearted and humorous at the same time even and especially in stressful situations. Always striving to be better and growing is perhaps her biggest quality.