Ingrid is a legal assistant at Brace Law and the newest member of the Brace Law team. She is currently in the process of completing the paralegal licensing examination and receiving her P1 License in February 2021. Prior to working at Brace Law, Ingrid has worked with other paralegals in conducting legal research, assembling case material and drafting correspondence. Ingrid now works alongside Fancy and assists with real estate and immigration matters.

Before obtaining her Paralegal Graduate Certificate from Seneca College, Ingrid also received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from the University of Western Ontario. Ingrid has a passion for criminal justice and the study of systems of regulation. She feels strongly about advocating for those who have experienced injustice by the legal system and has volunteered with Innocence Canada in the promotion of Wrongful Conviction Day at Western University. She hopes to utilize her knowledge of the criminal justice system and apply it to other areas of law such as small claims, real estate and immigration.