The Province of Ontario is known for an excellent education system which has achieved significantly and sustained gains in student outcomes and exemplary school systems. It is both a privilege and blessing to pursue education in Ontario.

At Brace Law, our lawyer comes from a teaching background and is very knowledgeable of the education system and the policies required to be followed by education institutions. We understand the significance of access to education and tirelessly work to make sure that everyone has such privilege.

At Brace Law, we assist with issues such as students’ rights (including special education students and students with learning disabilities); teachers’ rights; school safety; discrimination; conduct and discipline; special education; curriculum; and education options for different types of school.
For students who are facing serious issues such as suspension and/or expulsion, we assist the parents with the best legal solutions so that their child’s education and prospects are not negatively impacted.

At Brace Law, we understand the importance of social media and how technology can be used as a powerful weapon by bullies in schools. There are laws and regulations that protect students from bullying and harassment while holding the school liable for damages caused.

International Students

When it comes to international student, Brace Law also assists with applications to get into schools and university/college. We have Ontario certified teachers in our team who consult students about the schools and higher institutions of choice and assist with admission applications.

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