Criminal Lawyer in Oakville

Dealing with a criminal charge is a serious matter that requires a trustworthy legal representation. Whether it is a first time offence or you have had previous encounters with the criminal justice system, you need to retain the right legal representation for you or your loved ones. At Brace Law, we accept private retainers and legal aid certificates. 

If your loved one is detained and waiting for a bail hearing, our Oakville criminal lawyer will attend at the required court and make sure that your loved one is released on reasonable conditions. Ms. Brace pays attention to details on the conditions upon release of clients, so that they are not restricted or disadvantaged without reason. Our Oakville criminal lawyer aims to negotiate reasonably with Crown Attorneys for the best conditions imposed upon release so that the client and the family and friends acting as sureties do not feel restrained by the justice system. We will assist with bail variations should the circumstances of your criminal matter change while the case is before the courts.

When released on a Promise to Appear, Recognizance of Bail or are dealing with a provincial offence, we provide legal representation on the following:

Criminal Code Offences
which include:
    • Assaults  or assaults with a weapon (domestic, sexual, aggravated, etc);
    • Drinking and driving including driving under the influence, driving while impaired, impaired operation, refusal to blow;
    • Possession and trafficking of drugs;
    • Theft (under $5000 or over  $5000);
    • Fraud (under $5000 or over  $5000);
    • Guns including careless storage, possession of loaded restricted/prohibited firearms;
    • Arson;
    • Robbery;
    • Breaking and entering;
  • A criminal record will change your life
  • Legalization of Cannabis adds a layer of complexity
  • You need the right protection

We strive for the best legal options and outcome of your case. We will counsel you on every step of the case and keep you updated on the best possible outcome. 

  • Court procedures and attendance;
  • Disclosure and understanding Crown’s position on your matter;
  • Understanding diversion/ direct accountability including mental health diversion;
  • Crown pre-trials and judicial pre-trials;
  • Bail information such as change of surety or bail variation;
  • Understanding the consequences of entering a guilty plea;
  • Sentencing and immigration consequences if applicable;
  • Representation in trials for the best outcome of your case.
We also assist with services that include applying and preparing applications to avoid the immigration and travelling consequences once your criminal matter has concluded before the courts. We will help with:
  • Destruction of photographs and fingerprints;
  • Pardons, wavers and record suspensions;
  • Criminal rehabilitation for immigration purposes.
If a client is currently serving a sentence there may be a possibility to be released into the community under strict conditions. Ms. Brace will carefully consider the sentencing conditions and will assist with:
  • Temporary Absence Program Applications;
  • Parole Eligibility Hearings

Once you have retained Brace Law, you do not need to take time off work, school or other responsibilities unless you are required to attend for the resolution of your case or trial. Ms. Brace will attend on your behalf and keep you informed and updated about the progress of your case. It is important to hire legal representation that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Contact Brace Law today for effective, efficient and expeditious results on your criminal matter with our skilled criminal lawyer in Oakville.