Recently, the federal government has announced a plan to significantly increase the number of permanent residents invited to Canada each year, while also addressing labour shortages and reuniting families more quickly. This framework is essential to ensure Canada’s future prosperity, as it increases the amount of skilled and experienced workers admitted to Canada; at present time, close to one million jobs remain vacant. 

Changes to the application process aim to make the process more efficient, and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is projecting 465,000 immigrants and permanent residents will be welcomed into Canada in 2023. By 2025, this number is projected to reach 500,000 under the proposed framework. This is a drastic increase from the 405,000 immigrants admitted into Canada in 2021. 

Canadian businesses will benefit from this proposed plan as recruiting international talent and skilled workers is crucial to address the labour shortages experienced across the country. There are currently numerous job opportunities available across key industries that remain vacant including those in health care, trades, technology, engineering and manufacturing. These vacancies need to be filled immediately, and in large volumes, to prevent further negative economic impacts. 

Changes to the application process including new features in the Express Entry system will allow applicants with the required skillset and qualifications to receive permanent residency more quickly and fill these vacancies, and in turn, this will lead to continued sustainable growth year-after-year. With the creation of the new rules, this plan also concentrates on digitizing and streamlining the application process for the end user, making it more to effective and efficient.

This announcement aims to have a positive impact on rural and smaller communities across Canada, as its hope is to spur economic growth and increase community populations by attracting skilled workers through a targeted local labour market assessment and pilot programs. Rural communities and different regions across the country with a capacity for newcomers will be promoted to applicants to ensure immigrants have an easy transition once approved for permanent residency.

In addition to the suggested increases in economic class programs, the number of permanent residents admitted under family class sponsorship is also set to have a significant increase. More families will be able to reconnect and reunite sooner, as there will be a significant increase to the number of sponsorships available for parents and grandparents. The target for this program is set to increase from 28,500 in 2023 to 36,000 by 2025. On the same note, temporary visas can now be issued for spouses while their permanent residence applications are being processed. 

These suggested changes aim to make the application process faster and more efficient, while strengthening both the immigration system and Canada’s economy. If you are thinking about becoming a permanent resident in Cananda, contact Brace Law to book a consultation to explore your application options. When you work with Brace Law, you can Consider It Handled. 

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