Utilizing the expertise of a real estate lawyer is one of the most valuable decisions you can make during the process or buying or selling property. A real estate lawyer is your advocate to ensure that you receive: legal advice during the process; a review of all legal documents associated with the property and transaction; and answers to your questions throughout this complex process. Below are the key benefits of having a real estate lawyer when buying or selling your property.

A real estate lawyer will review all documents involved in the closing, including but not limited to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, to ensure that your best interests are represented.

The lawyer will conduct title searches to help you discover whether there any liens registered on title, title fraud, outstanding judgments, encroachment, and other possible problems with the title. The legal team will help you identify any issues with the property and help you avoid any unexpected issues that may arise before or after closing.

The legal team will prepare all necessary documents related to the closing to ensure that your obligations as a buyer or seller are met.  The team will calculate all the expenses associated with a closing and explain the breakdown of your closing costs, such as land transfer taxes, legal fees, title insurance, government registration fees, etc.

On closing, the lawyer will ensure that all documents to be registered are correct and accurate.  Once a Transfer has been registered, you will officially become a property owner!

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