Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, aims to improve the Canadian healthcare system by unveiling a plan to invest $90 million in programs which are intended to help foreign-educated immigrants start working in the healthcare system by recognizing their credentials. Funding will support programs that recognize the international credentials of foreign trained and educated immigrants in the healthcare sector. Canada currently faces a labour market shortage of healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, physicians, and paramedics. Education and work experience acquired in other countries will be acknowledged by the Canadian healthcare system through these new programs, and immigrant healthcare workers will be paired with hands on training and mentorship to make a seamless transition from one healthcare system to another.

This plan allows proposals to be awarded between $500,000 and $10 million that focus on improving the foreign credential recognition process in Canada and removing barriers preventing international talent from entering the Canadian healthcare system. Qualifying proposals must address one of the key issues that foreign trained healthcare professional immigrants face when trying to enter the workforce in Canada. These include acknowledging foreign credentials, encouraging interprovincial labour mobility, providing educated immigrants with mentoring and support programs, and offering hands on experience to practice in the field. The deadline to submit proposals is January 30th, 2023. Proposals are expected from all levels of government, private, and non-profit organizations, as well as hospitals. 

Canada currently invests $27 million dollars annually to the Foreign Credential Recognition Program. This program aims to standardize the credential recognition program across Canada and helps new immigrants in Canada gain work experience within their profession. The program also supports joint initiatives between the provinces and territories, encouraging the mobility of Canadian workers in regulated occupations, and better addressing labour shortages across Canada. Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser’s, announcement of investing $90 million into similar programs is a call-to-action for programs to be specifically developed to assist the healthcare system in achieving the goals set forth by the Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

Currently, immigrants account for 25% of all healthcare professionals in Canada. However, in 2020, nearly half reported as underemployed or unemployed according to Statistics Canada. This plan aims to resolve labour shortages and underemployment experienced within the Canadian healthcare system by integrating foreign educated and trained immigrants into the Canadian labour market sooner and with the proper tools to do so. These tools include wage subsidies, work placements, and mentoring programs. Minister Fraser stated, “the efforts to support newcomers overcoming the barriers to foreign credential recognition, provide opportunities to gain on-the-job experience, and facilitate labour mobility are essential ways of ensuring our healthcare system is one of the best in the world and we look forward to welcoming newcomers who will contribute to this system.”

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